Juggling Act

Juggling Act

Running your business doesn't mean you have to sacrificial the joy of everyday living.

Discover the secrets to keeping all the balls in the air without becoming a workaholic. Running your business doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the joy of everyday living. We all look at work life balance in different ways. As small business owners I think it is a continuous process Balancing Act, a Tug a War, and Juggling Act. IT’S ALL LIFE!!!!! Re-discover your Why Learn effects of trying to do it all Discover how overworking has negative effects on our lives Take inventory of your life Regain focus and how to stay there

Cathy Sexton — Motivational Speaker

Cathy Sexton

IGNITE your productivity and accelerate your resutls!

As a reforming workaholic Cathy knows first hand the results of stress, overwhelm and burn out. Author of "52 Powerful Strategies to Ignite productivity".Through audience participation and real-life examples, each presentation offers practical tips,

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