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  • We do the legwork for you!
    Need motivational speakers for your seminar or workshop? How about a keynote speaker? We can help you find the perfect match for any event you are planning, in any budget range -- ALL AT NO COST TO YOU!
  • We can help you find FREE motivational speakers and other keynote speakers!
    That's right! Many organizations may not have the funds to pay for motivational speakers or other keynote speakers. We have an extensive database of part-time and emerging professional speakers who will motivate, captivate, inspire, and entertain your audience.
  • We Reach a Much Larger Base Than Motivational Speakers
    Unlike traditional speaker bureaus, we're not committed to a specific roster of speakers and not every event requires a professional motivational or Inspirational speaker, but almost every event uses the services of experts who speak. In addition to professional and emerging professional speakers, this service reaches business leaders, technical gurus, educators, seasoned public speakers, and other subject-matter experts who want to communicate what they know. Many of them speak for free or for expenses only.
  • Speakers Screen Their Own Opportunities
    Our speakers have access to our complete database of speaking leads, so they can decide which engagements are appropriate for them to submit their materials. Because we're not matching speakers and meeting planners ourselves, like a traditional speakers bureau, it's more likely that you'll find an appropriate speaker for your event quickly.
  • Perfect for Event Organizers On A Budget
    Find speakers willing to work within your budget. Whether you are looking for motivational speakers, inspirational speakers or other keynote speakers, everyone gets full access to the contact information for each engagement listed. You are provided with the speaker's contact information up front, so that you can screen them personally, before signing any contracts.
  • Find Professional Speakers Fast
    Need to find a guest speaker, or any other subject matter experts in a hurry? No problem. When you register for your free account you will have access to 1,000s of speakers in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is tell us about your event and your message will be sent out to qualified speakers. Those speakers interested in your event will respond directly to you. It's that easy!
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