Becoming a Warrior Woman:

Becoming a Warrior Woman:

5 Keys to a Confident Compassionate and Collaborative Life

This 45-60 minute keynote inspires women to bring their best to the situations that seem the worst. Women that would benefit include; - entrepreneurs - senior and middle managers -professional nurses, social workers, teachers - mothers and non-profit community leaders Participants will take with them - * An understanding of the key elements needed to be able to lead from strength * Practical tools to take better care of themselves as they serve in their work and family roles * Inspiration to face challenges in such a way as to becoming stronger for having met them The presentation draws on stories and illustrations from Dr. Collins book Warrior Mother: Fierce Love, Unbearable Loss, and Rituals that Heal, and from her work as the founder of the Women and Work Research and Resource Center at the University of Texas at Arlington Texas. * -

Sheila K Collins — Motivational Speaker

Sheila K Collins

Turning Tough Stuff Into Triumph

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