Once Upon YOUR Time

Once Upon YOUR Time

Gaining Control of Your Time Through a Tour of the Magic Kingdom

We "spend" our time like there's no tomorrow. A few minutes here, maybe an hour there, and the day is gone, often with little to show for it. Time management is hard. Let me share with you my easy, unique system for managing your time. What makes this system, and this presentation, unique? Disneyland Park serves as the inspiration and illustration for each one! We can do this as a full program, as a workshop or seminar, or as a shorter/excerpted version customized to your group

Randy Crane — Motivational Speaker

Randy Crane

Helping you change your life through the magic of Disneyland

I teach leaders and aspiring leaders to use the tools I provide to gain control of their time and find a fresh perspective so they can be more productive, less stressed, and bring order to their chaos. And I do it all using Disneyland!

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