A Return to the '80's: Creating A-Teams in Challenging Times

A Return to the '80's: Creating A-Teams in Challenging Times

A Team-Based, Strategic Intervention for High-Impact Leaders and Passionate Champions of Change

70% OF CHANGE INITIATIVES FAIL! Are you prepared to defy these harsh odds? Carol Kelly will show you how! In this thought-provoking, inspiring, "real-life" story of Masterful Leadership, Change Leadership expert and author, Carol Kelly, takes your leaders and teams through a transformational paradigm shift. She presents cutting-edge insights and innovative strategies that demystify the complexities of change and will stimulate your leaders and teams to bounce back quickly and drastically change the way they approach their work. Whether it is a keynote or a workshop, Carol will walk your leaders and teams through the skills, strategies, and mindset they need to leverage change for all it's worth. We'll talk about: 1. The necessity for change. 2. The REAL reason people resist change. It's not what you think. 3. How to break through this resistance in record time. 4. How to harness the power of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE to successfully drive the change. 5. How to take ACTION in the wake of change and stay ahead of your competition...plus much, much more. If the people in your organization are experiencing any form of frustration or anxiety and want to work in a collaborative, resilient, winning culture, they will greatly benefit from this story of one leader who literally transformed and took his team's performance to a whole new level in just 3 days. Click on the video tab to watch Carol in action. For availability and speaking fees, contact Carol's office with the details at 908-295-7513 or click "Check Availability" to send a message through SpeakerMatch.

Carol Kelly — Motivational Speaker

Carol Kelly

An Electrifying Speaker with a Compelling Message

With three decades of experience as an Executive Coach, Master Trainer, and Keynote Speaker, I empower leaders, teams, and organizations to leverage change, take empowered action, and create outstanding results in their work and life.

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