Hack Your Brain For Success

Hack Your Brain For Success

Positive Psychology Research In Action

Brain Power is key to everything but the question is how can we use our brain power to train our brain for success and productivity (and even to be happy)? We are going to explore a few ways we can train our subconscious mind for MASSIVE success. We will explore what's in our brains that hold us back, what is personal success, and how we can improve our everyday Performance in our personal and professional lives. If you like to laugh and have fun, I'm your Speaker. This is a fun, interactive, highly educational and engaging program. Here are the takeaways: 1) What's In Our Brains? 2) What Is Personal Success? 3) How To Make An Impact 4) Take MASSIVE Action This program will empower the attendees to a HNL: Hole Nutha Level. What I deliver is a fun and engaging presentation that will be talked about long after the event. This will be a really fun and moment making experience.

Sean Douglas — Motivational Speaker

Sean Douglas

Unlock Your True Potential, Elevate Your Life

I speak on Resilience, Leadership, Team Building & Team Performance, and Business Positioning Strategies. I'm the Founder of The Success Corps Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Business Owners Academy, and LYB Clothing Inc. Empowerment & Affirmation wear.

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