Challenges in prevention of child sexual abuse

Challenges in prevention of child sexual abuse

Lack of priority on prevention

Child sexual abuse (CSA) is a silent epidemic that takes place throughout the United States, creating social havoc for the children, adult survivors, and society. Even one single episode of child sexual abuse can scar the person for the rest of his/her life. It can be prevented if we can focus on the challenges, and that is the subject of this workshop. The presentation is based on my book “Father Figure — my mission to prevent child sexual abuse” and elaborates on the numerous challenges involved in dealing with several inconsistencies while trying to work effectively with the various “systems” such as law enforcement, legal and court systems, correction system, child protection system, etc, in a preventive mode. This is an area that requires immediate attention if we are truly focused on intervention and prevention of child sexual abuse. Looking through the eyes of an ordinary citizen, this presentation brings forward the inconsistencies associated with our systems that must be improved so we can be more effective in intervention and prevention. This unique perspective provides an insight that would be extremely helpful for advocates and service providers since it’s not often that an ordinary citizen intervenes to prevent child sexual abuse.

Sumi Mukherjee — Motivational Speaker

Sumi Mukherjee

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Speaker's focus is on a number of current issues such as acceptance of cultural diversity, long-term devastating psychological impact of bullying, challenges in prevention of child sexual abuse, workplace bullying, emphasis on prevention

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