Engineering Decision Time!

Engineering Decision Time!

Building blocks for your future

In this educational and thought provoking speech, Kareem provides tips on how to select an engineering major that will give students the most flexibility in their STEM career. Instead of being frustrated with degree choices, Kareem will provide a process of choosing a field that will pique the student's interest yet provide a plan of action to be used before, during and after their collegiate career. Therefore, this presentation allows the student to obtain the knowledge to pursue their engineering degree with aplomb no matter the school or profession they choose. Engineering Decision Time speaker, Kareem Burney provides thought provoking solutions based on his own personal experiences traversing the field of engineering and STEM. His presentation style is one of crowd involving interaction and conversations with the audience. This process tailors the presentation to that specific audience so they receive information based on their experiences and expectations.

Kareem Burney — Motivational Speaker

Kareem Burney

Science and Engineering are the pathway to the future!

Science and Engineering are the pathway to the future! Kareem motivates his audiences to believe in themselves to pursue and succeed in STEM through learning how his own struggles and frustrations did not stop him for success in STEM.

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