Selling the Intangible

Selling the Intangible

How Thinking like a Consultant Can Increase Your Sales

Are you tired of presentations from pop-psychologists, comedians, aging athletes or retired executives? Had enough of the motivational speakers who rev you up during the presentation but whose message has no lasting impact on your audience? Maybe it’s time to try something different. “What can an emergency manager possibly know about sales?” is the question you’re asking. After all, how can planning and responding to disasters possible have anything to do with selling services to corporate clients? My answer is that we’re actually in the same business, using the same skill sets. We’re both interested in a commitment from senior level people who need what we’re offering but don’t realize it. My presentations combine history, social science research, and solid practical advice to help improve your sales team. It’s not about the “feel good” moment – it’s about creating a substantive change that will lead to better sales. Even more importantly, I will give your audience practical information they can apply right away. Here are some examples: - Why thinking like a consultant instead of a salesperson can increase sales - The single biggest reason sales teams may be wasting valuable sales time - Four basic personality types – how to identify them, how to motivate them - The five phases of decision-making – how to use them to gain insight into a prospect’s needs - The major factor that motivates a client to buy - Why the traditional sales methodology doesn’t work and how to really close contracts For over thirty years, I’ve been selling unpopular ideas and programs to senior government and corporate executives, with fairly good success. I’m sure that I can offer your sales team a presentation that is both enjoyable and useful.

Lucien Canton — Motivational Speaker

Lucien Canton

Helping managers lead better in crisis.

Soldier, security expert, emergency manager, consultant - Lucien Canton has spent a lifetime dealing with crises throughout the world. Let him share his secrets of successful leadership with your organization.

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