Bullet Points are Deadly

Bullet Points are Deadly

Bring Power to Your PowerPoint

Bullets kill. Bullet points make an audience wish that they could do away with the presenter! There is no need for most slides to have more than a few key words. The speaker should be the focus, not the slide. Slides should support the speaker’s key points, not repeat them. Great slides have a pictures, cartoons, brief quotes or phrases, and never a long series of tiny dots and even tinier print. Why would you want to give your audience an eye exam? If you are an optician that might make sense, but the speaker’s job is to inform, persuade, motivate or entertain. A long line of bullet points does none of those essential tasks. Make your PowerPoint presentation visually compelling, dynamic, colorful, clever, or emotional. Use pictures (not clip art) to underscore and drive home your key points. Think of a magazine cover that demands your attention; so should a good slide. But after a few seconds the attention should go back to the speaker. Jim’s presentation contrasts the good, the bad and the ugly of PowerPoint and helps audiences see how they can improve their presentations, make their key points stick, keep audiences awake, and focus their attention where it belongs — on the speaker.

Jim Comer — Motivational Speaker

Jim Comer

Jim tackles tough topics – the mind-numbing fear of public speaking, the authenticity of sharing your stories, caregiving for loved ones – and leaves audiences inspired, informed and entertained.

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