Are They Hearing What You Said - or Something Completely Different?!

Are They Hearing What You Said - or Something Completely Different?!

Effective Communication Strategies

In this interactive workshop, attendees are given the knowledge and tools to take charge of their listening skills and to improve the quality of their communication with other professionals, improve customer service, create better working relationships, and close more sales. Ever have trouble getting the right message across to your team, co-workers, or clients? This topic deals with the many ways we communicate – accurately and inaccurately – and the workshop includes two interactive elements: a table exercise about voice inflection called “Really? REALLY?!” and a volunteer based activity called the “Alien Press Conference” – a hilarious take on verbal and non-verbal cues. Other topics include: Challenges of Communicating; Listening to Understand, Not Respond; 7 Stages of Communication; Verbal vs Nonverbal Cues; Tone is Everything; 5 Ways to Change Your Listening Habits Now; and more. Attendees will learn: • How to control their voice tone and inflection to improve their message delivery; • How to develop and improve their active listening skills; • How to use non-verbal cues to their advantage in conversations; • And more! This topic has been approved for continuing education credits by several SHRM chapters, the HR Florida State Conference, the Florida Realtors State Convention, the Society for Emotional Intelligence NE Florida chapter, and more.

Brad Raney — Motivational Speaker

Brad Raney

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