Living, Breathing and Leading with Passion

Living, Breathing and Leading with Passion

Essential to being a great leader especially when pushing the EDGE

This presentation connects leaders with the essential requirement of being passionate to lead others to Business EDGE. Her perspective is that "It is nearly impossible to imagine inspiring others with the mission if you are not inspired yourself." As such, she further that "the leader must make one of their missions to become passionate about ......" to drive their life and Business EDGE and that of their teams and people. One sheet is available in Linda's documents or you can reach out to her and she will send. In her presentation she will share about "THE PASSION LOOP" along with several other aspects of taking ownership of your own passion.

Linda Shaffer-Vanaria — Motivational Speaker

Linda Shaffer-Vanaria

Calibrating you and your business for EDGE

Leading Authority on Edge Performance. Champions leaders and businesses to take ownership of leading themselves to Think Precisely and Act Decisively so they can engage uncharted territory with confidence.

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