Just an average Joe

Just an average Joe

Average is a choice

You are never as good as your best, and you are never as bad as your worst. The moniker of Average is a deceptive title. Average is accepting that you are in the mix and have no options. Those who rise above the rest do not do exceptional things, the do average things in exceptional ways. Determination, desire, and direction or as Joe calls it having a "3-D Attitude" pulls apart average. ​ Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy Joe's heart felt presentation on what defines us as individuals and companies. Average is out there but it is a choice. Average is an opportunity.

Joe Barnes, MSc, MBA, LP, CSHO — Motivational Speaker

Joe Barnes, MSc, MBA, LP, CSHO

Don't believe 1 can make a difference, sleep with a mosquito

I teach people to see. In a light, quirky, and memorable session leaders learn that how they model leadership is what they can expect in return. We can not call ourselves leaders unless there are those willing to call themselves followers.

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