What Gear Are You In?

Life’s super highway always has multiple lanes to choose from. Some people move fast and others hardly move at all. So how fast are you designed to go? 90% of the people we encounter on a regular basis are literally stuck in one of these four gears. Drive, Reverse, Neutral, or Park. In this exciting presentation, Karim covers the different gears we find ourselves stuck in as we pursue success and how everyone can easily shift into high gear. Make sure you strap on your seat belt for this awe inspiring life changing presentation. Attendees will Learn: * The top three things that will get you moving when your life is stuck in Park. * Why the type of daily “fuel” you chose to use is pertinent to achieving success * How to “shift gears” into your season properly without stalling out * Why you need to test your “speed limit” on a regular basis to stay on top. * And Much, Much More…

Karim R. Ellis — Motivational Speaker

Karim R. Ellis

When OPPORTUNITY Presents itself.. You MOVE!!!

Karim R. Ellis is an Expert Transformational Coach that has been featured in NBC, CBS, ABC, Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Select, and FOX network affiliates as well as other major news outlets. Over 200 plus video Positive testimonials on YouTube!

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