The 5 C's of Effectiveness

The 5 C's of Effectiveness

Showing up as your best self.

What does it look like when we show up as our best selves in everything we do? Explore the 5 C's of Effectiveness by taking a deeper look into Character, Communication, Choice, Courage and Confidence. Awareness of each of these and how they show up in your everyday lives goes far to change the little things in life. And those little things often add up to the bigger things. Learning how we show up, how we write out own stories every day and how to best create the story we want to live is key to being our best. We build relationships every day. Building more effective relationships in everything we do will lead to success.

Jen Croneberger — Motivational Speaker

Jen Croneberger

Because we aren't meant to do this alone...

Three-Time TEDx speaker, Best of 2015-2018: The #1 Motivational Speaker in The Philadelphia and D.C. Regions* Success is in how we show up. Showing up as your best self, D&I, and compassionate leadership principles are some of Jen's strengths.

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