From Adversity to Success

From Adversity to Success

Achieving your goals through focus and determination regardless of the obstacles that lie in your way.

I am a high energy, passionate speaker who will motivate and inspire my audience to set and achieve higher goals both professional and personal. It is through my pursuit of completing my first Ironman Triathlon and other events in my life that I am able to share all of the challenges and successes that accompany a seemingly unachievable goal. Being a US Army Veteran gives me the ability to share the courage and determination it takes to stay disciplined through the tough times and focus on the ultimate goal. Having been in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years I understand what it takes both mentally and physically to stay focused even when those distractions cross our path. Your attendees will leave my presentation knowing that they can set those out of reach goals and make a plan for achieving, and even surpassing them while stretching and growing as an individual and team member. They will be motivated and inspired to see beyond their current situation, no matter how good or bad, and pursue previously unseen levels of success. People will open their eyes to see what they are really able to accomplish and understand that anything is possible!

Jim Klipp — Motivational Speaker

Jim Klipp

Highly Regarded and Broad Minded

Jim is an engaging speaker who brings his topics to Life!! He delivers complicated, not so common subjects, in a manner that is easily understood by his audience.

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