The Awesome Power of You!

The Awesome Power of You!

Using self-esteem as a weapon against bullying

Self-esteem and bullying issues? Here’s how to walk through any storm standing tall! It’s one of the most prevalent topics in various sectors of life today. The reality is that it happens all the time, more than anyone realizes. Most cases go unreported. Not only that but in the most serious cases, lives are being lost at an alarming rate. Even though the issue is prevalent, few know how to handle and overcome the serious effects of low self-esteem and bullying. In this powerful, results-oriented, motivational presentation, participants will be able to; 1. DESIGN their own Rules for Standing Tall, no matter what anyone else thinks, says or does 2. RECOGNIZE how to be truly comfortable in their own skin 3. IDENTIFY their dark clouds of self doubt, negativity and ‘perfection’ 4. EMPOWER themselves with honor, self respect and love 5. PRACTICE and DEMONSTRATE The Five Important Steps to Deal with Bullies and Bullying Situations PROGRAM FORMAT – “The Awesome Power of You!” is available in keynote and seminar formats of various lengths.

Robert Landau — Motivational Speaker

Robert Landau

Change your mind...change your life!

Robert Landau has delivered over 2,100 Leadership, Communication and Motivational presentations in over 20 countries. Landau makes sure participants have the tools they need to create true change lives long after his time on the stage is over.

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