Coaching & Consulting for the Wounded Healer- Helping the Helpers

Coaching & Consulting for the Wounded Healer- Helping the Helpers

Life, Relationship & Work coaching for service providers and those who serve while still on their own healing journey

I provide guidance, support and focus to help women and men all over the US and the world be brighter, better, bolder versions of themselves. Together we work towards improvement through the eclectic use of DBT, CBT, mentorship, coaching, counseling and strategic planning and design that is both reflective and action-based. You get the best of both worlds. A licensed therapist and a certified action coach and strategist. I provide coaching services for service providers whose lives focus on serving others in addressing the needs and balance of their own lives, leadership and relationships. This includes teachers, therapists, coaches, ministers, pastors and non-profit executives. I also provide this emotional wellness and people development assistance to non-profits, businesses and social service organizations.

Judith Rapley Waterman — Motivational Speaker

Judith Rapley Waterman

Transformation is for Life!

As a Global Wholistic Wellness Coach, I support people who find joy and purpose in helping others grow on their journey. I support the healers, often times the Wounded, selfless leaders, find balance and wellness in their own lives and relationships.

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