Coaching Skills for High Performance

Coaching Skills for High Performance

How to take your team or organization to a higher level of performance through learning a different way of managing

While many authorities from Peter Drucker on have asserted that the days of "command and control" managing are over, the old habits of thinking are hard to break. The concepts and tools from the "Coaching Skills for High Performance" workshop (CSHP) can help executives and managers leap to a coaching mindset that facilitates higher functioning teams. There is extensive material from which to select (from 1 to 2 1/2 days of training) to help executives and managers learn how to adopt a coaching mindset and model it in their managing. In this age of the "Knowledge Worker," it is more important than ever for organizations to develop a coaching culture that enables their people to thrive and perform at the highest level. The DiSC Personality Profile test is used with each participant to aid in self-awareness and improve communication with others.

Tim Stevenson — Motivational Speaker

Tim Stevenson

Improving the world by developing new and better leaders

"It always comes back to leadership." Whether the sphere is a small team, a huge organization, or an entire society, effective leadership is necessary to attain excellence. Tim is a master at presenting fundamental principles vividly and memorably.

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