3 Mesmerizing Tips For Retaining Top Talent!

3 Mesmerizing Tips For Retaining Top Talent!

How To Get Discretionary Effort From Everyone You Lead!

Mesmerizing leaders understand that growing your culture leads to higher retention of top talent and sustainable long-term profitability. However, a big obstacle is getting employees to take advantage of educational resources and opportunities that are being provided. During this humorous & thought-provoking program human behavior expert, Tim Shurr will share 3 psychological tactics for triumphing over common subconscious blind spots that cause this “disconnect” and ways to quickly gain more support and engagement from everyone in the company. You’ll learn how to improve decision-making processes, simple strategies that skyrocket trust, collaboration and morale and how to “upgrade” rampant self-limiting beliefs that inhibit company leaders from attracting, retaining and empowering one's largest asset...your employees! You'll also discover the secret to keeping people engaged and operating at their fullest potential, instead of slipping back into old, counterproductive habits! Tim Shurr is an internationally known expert in optimizing human performance. He's also an award-winning speaker, crowd favorite, and trusted parter of meeting planners!  To learn more or bring Tim to your upcoming event, please call (317) 502-5293 or email tim@timshurr.com

Tim Shurr, MA - "The Optimizer!" — Motivational Speaker

Tim Shurr, MA - "The Optimizer!"

Beliefs + Influence = Success!

TAKE YOUR SUCCESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL! "Award-Winning Leadership & Influential Communication Specialist, Tim Shurr, Ignites Productivity, Collaboration, & Morale Through Optimizing Human Software!" (Unconscious Beliefs, Biases & Communication Habits)

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