A Leadership Keynote Special to Your Organization

A Leadership Keynote Special to Your Organization

Leadership Keynote Tailored From the Ground Up For Your Organizations Specific Focus Area

There are 100's of leadership speakers out there, with 100's if not 1000's of speeches repeated every day with relatively few modifications for each audience. In this program, Rob will work closely with your event or organizational leadership team to identify and target specific growth areas and/or pain points the talk should address. We'll agree on a general outline of topics and specific set of goals for the talk. Rob's areas of particular expertise include communication, team engagement, business ethics, leadership development, and "rising up" (rising to levels above what one expects given the background). Length can vary from 30 minute keynote to a half or full day seminar, and can include followup aftercare to further promote and reinforce the lessons learned with your team.

Rob Vieira — Motivational Speaker

Rob Vieira

Success By Helping Others Succeed

I work with organizations to build a strategic approach to leadership that addresses the importance of new leaders and takes a "big picture" view on hiring and retaining teams

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