Untitled Leaders

Untitled Leaders

Anyone Can Be a Leader Because Anyone Can Serve

They may not have titles, authority, power, or the corner office, but everyday what they do creates a positive impact on their teams and inside their organizations. Their specific actions whether deliberate or completely unaware, facilitate positive change, maintain morale, strengthen relationships and create a healthy work environment. As a powerful and mesmerizing storyteller, James will share the five actions these “Untitled Leaders” perform regardless of talent, intelligence, education, or executive privilege, and how they can make a meaningful difference in the lives of people around them and their organizations.

James Bird Guess — Motivational Speaker

James Bird Guess

The Michael Jordan of Motivation

The Michael Jordan of Motivation! INSPIRATIONAL. INTENSE. INSIGHTFUL. James Bird Guess is not a speaker, he's an experience! A best-selling author and highly sought-after keynote speaker on leadership, employee engagement and small business growth.

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