Succeeding as a Leader

Succeeding as a Leader

Leading Across Generations with the Four Secret Skills of Followership

In our hyper-competitive world, few people of any generation are working hard to be known as a great “follower,” but the best leaders began their journey by developing strong followership skills. International business icons like Malcolm Forbes, WalMart’s Sam Walton, Estee Lauder’s Leonard Lauder, Proctor & Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley, and the current CEOs of FedEx, Johnson & Johnson, Verizon, and Clorox all practiced followership relentlessly as they progressed in their careers. Why? Because all leaders are also followers: they are still accountable to someone else above them. Everybody has a boss. Mastering the four roles and secret skills of followership will ensure success, through better cross-generational communication and teamwork, in the paradoxically simultaneous roles of follower and leader. Attendee take-aways: * Serve: Four practical skills for leading through "followership", no matter their level or career stage. * Build: How to increase their own personal effectiveness and the results of their teams by living the principles of truly High Performance Teams. * Inspire: How to energize and engage people to succeed in the few critical “moments that count”!

Cory Bouck — Motivational Speaker

Cory Bouck

Your clients need to start building tomorrow’s leaders today. Book the guy who has lived it and done it! Top-performing Naval Flight Officer, twice-elected politician, and global business leader. International keynote speaker and best selling author.

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