Leadership 2.0: STRIVE to Connect!

Leadership 2.0: STRIVE to Connect!

Want to become a Leader, not just a manager? Learn to connect with your team and create new level of success!

Leadership 2.0: STRIVE to Connect! is a high energy, fun, inspiring, entertaining, and empowering topic based on the highly successful VOWELS concept created by national speaker, international author, sales/leadership /management trainer, Brad Raney. In this session, Brad will show attendees how to make the most out of their careers and lives, create more dynamic engagement with team members, improve and grow in their leadership skills, help team members stay focused and energized, exceed their own expectations, create effective strategies to deal with stress and generational differences, maintain a positive work/life balance, and live with more passion every day by mastering and implementing the VOWELS traits into their daily work lives. This interactive mini-workshop includes an overview of the workplace challenges that exist for business professionals today, the introduction of the STRIVE method of leadership (Study, Think, Recognize, Invest, Value and Envision) and a discussion of best practices of implementing the STRIVE methodology. The goal is to give attendees a unique leadership acumen that can be applied immediately in their daily work and client/customer facing activities. Participants will: Gain new understanding of how to connect with each team member/stakeholder based on the STRIVE concept; Develop new skills based on a SWOT assessment of each team member/stakeholder; better utilize opportunities to connect generationally; and Recognize opportunities to refine and/or alter their engagement methods/practices to have greater impact on the team members/stakeholder.

Brad Raney — Motivational Speaker

Brad Raney

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