Impact Leadership

Impact Leadership

Life Transforming Leadership Principles that will guide you to fufilling your Life Purpose and Destiny

Leadership Development Insight: Not all leadership development leads to building leadership behavior. Experiential learning provides the greatest rate of success for transforming high potentials into high functioning leaders. Emerging leaders must be provided the opportunity to practice–in a safe environment–to truly build leadership competence. Decision Making Process Insight: Making decisions at every facet of life can be a very complicated and life-changing process. In the purist sense, decision-making develops one’s self-leadership skills whether they be family decisions or decisions in the workplace. In this regard, educators are in a unique position to guide, to direct and to influence their followers by virtue of their knowledge base. According to Rubin and Schoenefeld (2009), “opportunities to practice making decisions give one more confidence and proficiency” (p. 8). In other words, the quality of decisions one makes can result in positive and uplifting life experiences or, in contrast, they can lead to a sense hopelessness and despair. Rubin, R., & Schoenefeld, J. (2009). Becoming our own leaders: Decision-making at school and home. Reclaiming Children and Youth, 18(3), 7-11. Retrieved from Education Research Complete.

Dr. John E. N. Daniel (Doctor Jay!) — Motivational Speaker

Dr. John E. N. Daniel (Doctor Jay!)

"Transforming and Enriching the Quality of Your Life"

John is an effective communicator who adeptly bridges the gap between scholarship and practical life-based solutions. Words such as IMPACTFUL, LIFE CHANGING, MOTIVATIONAL, EMPOWERING, ENRICHING AND TRANSFORMATIONAL have been used to describe talks.

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