Make Leadership Your SuperPower

Make Leadership Your SuperPower

Almost Everything You've Been Taught About Leadership Is Wrong? Learn How To Transform Your Team And Business

Almost everything you've been taught about leadership is wrong. In this presentation Ron will share the secrets of the world's most successful leaders, in an entertaining and engaging way. All attendees swill walk away with leadership tools they can start practicing right away. The presentation has one goal: Turn each attendee into the best boss possible and the employee every CEO will covet. In this presentation, You will learn: - How to better communicate with your staff members. - How rules destroy culture and families (and what to do instead) - How to lead with love (even if you don’t like them) - Why you should play favorites with team members

Ron Ameln — Motivational Speaker

Ron Ameln

Strategies For Building A Better Business

Nationally Recognized Speaker Brings The Best Business Advice To Businesses In An Entertaining, Memorable and Actionable Manner.

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