Adventures in Leadership

Adventures in Leadership

A beacon of light

Leadership is strength. Leadership is unfailing integrity. Leadership is the hand that picks you up when you fall, guides you when you are lost, and provides a beacon of light when all is a fog. Leadership is the conductor at the front of the orchestra, raising his baton in defining rhythm. Leadership is the coach on the sidelines cheering on his players regardless of what the scoreboard reads. Leadership is the parent who supports their child in all of their endeavors and provides a net of safety for them to soar over. Leadership is so much more than the mundane tasks of management while not so much about the fancy title and the power over others. Adventures in Leadership is a journey that encompasses all aspects of leadership. The good times and the bad; the mishaps, mistakes and mayhem all rolled into extraordinary days and sleepless nights. Adventures in Leadership will make you laugh through tales of hiring, firing and slapstick antics. It will make you cringe at the actions of leaders gone bad and shrink away from visions of death in the workplace. Five time best-selling author, Peter A. LaPorta, brings over 30 years of leadership excellence to the program. You will marvel in wonder about tales from his leadership at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and many other companies. Come along for the ride and you will see the shining stars in the sky and the best of the best that set the level of excellence far above the rest. Peter A. LaPorta is an award-winning speaker, a motivational author, and a leader heralded all over the globe for his excellence. He is the acclaimed host of The Peter LaPorta Show as his words resonate to audiences everywhere. Traveling the globe, he spreads powerful messages of motivation and service. For more information on Peter and his incredible journey, visit

Peter LaPorta — Motivational Speaker

Peter LaPorta

Former Disney/Universal Studios Leader has key to Excellence

WHO HIRED THESE PEOPLE?- The guru of guest service will open your eyes to the world of guest service. Former leader of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios knows how to entertain with stories of excellence in leadership, motivation and service. LaPorta delivers on the hottest topics on the circuit today! No other speaker has this type of experience leading the top companies in entertainment.

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