21st Century Leadership:

21st Century Leadership:

7 key attributes for compelling service in a changing world

This keynote is about naming what compelling leadership looks like in today’s world and will introduce actionable content to elevate your leaders, employees and even customers. It’s no secret that we live in a fast-changing, global world. A generational shift is happening even as we speak. We’re adjusting to differing economic climates and styles of communication are evolving as rapidly as ever. The path ahead requires specific skills that haven’t always been developed. 7 key attributes of 21st Century Leadership are needed in order to thrive in the future. Are you a Servant Leader, Storyteller, Collaborator, Innovator, Daredevil, Adaptable, Global Citizen? The very best leaders, teams, and organizations infuse 21st Century Leadership throughout their DNA. This interactive keynote will provide inspiring examples of leadership and leave participants motivated and prepared to elevate their own leadership practice.

Jason Barger — Motivational Speaker

Jason Barger

Engaging Minds and Hearts

In a highly distracted world, the best leaders and teams are focused on developing leaders, culture, and clarity of mission & vision. Are you Busy or Effective? 21st Century Leaders commit to seeing with new eyes and leading Thermostat Cultures!

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