From Trauma to Triumph

From Trauma to Triumph

Gleaning Meaning from Painful Life Events

It has not only been my professional mission, but also my personal journey. While my life had all the trappings of being ever so perfect, looks were really quite deceiving. Underneath the surface was a world which few people knew, and which I strove to keep others from detecting. I knew in my heart that I was different, that no one would really understand, that if only they knew, they would leave me. These were the things that I told myself, that kept me separate, isolated, and afraid. I could not fathom that I would ever find anyone who would ever really get me- until I did. Surrounded by those who understood and appreciated my world, I rose from the depths and fully embodied the gifts that had come through me. Grounded in the Light, I learned to soar, and in so doing, began to uplift all those who came to me. Finally, life, and my traumas, gained meaning.

Dr. Sage Breslin — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Sage Breslin

The magical gift of breakthrough and transformation

I had to die eight times to discover what life really had in store for me. As a Best-Selling Author & Transformation Coach I share my unique gifts, inspiration and passion to promote the breakthroughs required to embrace the best version of ourselves

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