Together We Are Limitless

Together We Are Limitless

Providing Perspective To Help Audiences See the Power of Interdependence

We all have the ability to make a huge impact on the organizations and the people around us, but due to limiting beliefs and adversity many become blind to this ability. It's my objective for your audience to realize the potential in these obstacles and see challenges as opportunities for success. With a captivating and humorous account of how I was able to learn to lead through one of toughest times of my life, I inspire each person in the audience to influence their organizations, careers, teams and personal lives in an impactful way that will last long after the presentation is over. - Inspiration to shift limiting beliefs into limitless leadership, through insights gained from my real-world experience with a devastating setback. - Practical techniques and strategies for growth and success as leaders both in their careers and in their personal lives. - How to implement the three P's (Purpose, Passion, and Perspective) into your leadership practices. How will your audience face the obstacles in their life? Connect with me and let's find out together!

Jeremy Poincenot — Motivational Speaker

Jeremy Poincenot

Provides perspective to see the power of interdependence

Jeremy Poincenot - Blind at 19, World Blind Golf Champion at 20, inspirational speaker & philanthropist for life. Jeremy's goal is to inspire your audience through his witty & moving account of learning to not only accept, but embrace his blindness a

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