Stop Living in Fear!

Stop Living in Fear!

Keeping Your Sanity in an Uncertain World

Terrorism, climate change, school shootings, contaminated food and water, asteroid strikes, zombie apocalypse – it seems that every day brings a new threat. How can you tell what’s really worth worrying about and what is just media hype? How do you keep your balance in a world that seems to be teetering on the edge of doomsday? You don’t have to live in fear. Nor do you have to be a survivalist with a bunker mentality. This presentation shows you how changing your mindset can help you put potential threats in perspective. It will also teach how you are likely to react in a crisis and the simple steps you can take to deal with crisis. Here are just a few of the many things you will take away from this presentation: - The truth about risk and how you can keep it in perspective. - How the media preys on your fears and how you help them do it. - The one thing you really fear and how to cope with it. - The three phases that you will go through when faced with crisis and how they can help or hinder your survival. - The three keys to managing any crisis. Risk us unavoidable in life but by putting it in perspective and developing the confidence you need to cope with crisis you can stop living in fear!

Lucien Canton — Motivational Speaker

Lucien Canton

Helping managers lead better in crisis.

Soldier, security expert, emergency manager, consultant - Lucien Canton has spent a lifetime dealing with crises throughout the world. Let him share his secrets of successful leadership with your organization.

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