Why Bother With Quality In Healthcare?

Why Bother With Quality In Healthcare?

How, why, and what to bother with when it comes to healthcare quality.

Healthcare staff, from the front lines to the C suite, obtain great clarity on the case for a direct, clear focus on quality in healthcare from this seminar and associated workshop by Dr. David Kashmer. Key components include: (A) It's participatory: audience members participate via a simple, interactive, text-based interface right from their smartphones. (B) It uses data to tell a story: quality data is given a very human face. (C) It highlights (and teaches) some advanced quality tools: a portion of the presentation and workshop reviews some commonly used advanced quality tools and what insights they can bring to quality at your institution. (D) It's adaptable: the workshop and presentation are specifically targeted to the needs of the specific audience (senior leadership, front line staff, management tier). (E) It's practical: both portions focus on implementable strategies and insights. Dr. David Kashmer, quality expert and bestselling author, shares with you tools, tips, & techniques regarding how to (and why bother with) healthcare quality at your institution. Advanced tools are described (including data), and are blended with a patient-centered approach to this complex topic of volume versus value in healthcare.

David Kashmer MD MBA FACS — Motivational Speaker

David Kashmer MD MBA FACS

Healthcare quality improvement expert

Dr. David Kashmer is a quality expert who happens to be a fellowship trained Trauma & Acute Care Surgeon and MBA.

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