Accomplishing Your Goals

Accomplishing Your Goals

What needs to happen inside yourself to dig deep enough to accomplish your goals?

Through my obstacles in life and the challenges I have overcome I have a unique outlook on how to set obtainable goals and reach your true potential. Life will deal us many cards and we must have the mindset to reach down within ourselves and find the motivation to fight to succeed in whatever field or goals we've set for ourselves. Through my life story we will touch on just that... and inspire your group to be fired up to get back to work or wherever life leads them next with a renewed passion. Everyone needs a good old fashion kick in the rear every once in a while and I look forward to being just that for your audience.

Chad Porter — Motivational Speaker

Chad Porter

Overcoming the Obstacles of Life and Maximizing Potential

Nation's most inspirational and motivational speaker & Zig Ziglar Certified. 20yrs experience sharing an extremely powerful story combined with Ziglar's timeless motivational techniques. Nothing like it! Your group will NEVER forget this experience.

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