How to manage, lead, motivate and connect with Millennials

How to manage, lead, motivate and connect with Millennials

Farnaz will spark awareness of major cultural and social shifts with Millennials and show how leaders and businesses can connect and succeed with them

A rapid cultural and demographic shift has occured with the youth culture over the past decade but it's not being addressed by leaders and businesses. Millennials are now the larget global generation, and soon to be the largest workforce population, yet many leaders and businesses don't know how to manage, lead, motivate and connect with this generation, let alone market them. This not only impacts your employees and workforce, but also your bottom line. Are you ready to face and solve your generational issues and challenges? Consider the following facts and their implications: *Gen Y (Millennials) is 3x the size of Gen X, now the largest global work force and consumers. *Millennials are the first generation in history that are making less than previous geneations. *And first generation and only generation in the workforce that has never expected to work for the same company their entire life *1/3 were borrn into single, unwed mothers *1/3 still live with their parents *About half of millennials are cohabiting-couple households who are unmarried. *On average, millennials postpone major adulthood milestones by about 5 years *Women and Millennials in leadership roles translate into higher financial succcess. *With a trillion dollar buying power, Millennials surpass all generations, including baby boomers, in spending. Farnaz will spark awareness of major cultural and social shifts with this generation and the implications that leaders and businesses face in connecting and relating to them. She wrote extensively about this generation in her book that was published in 2012, and has done extensive research and writing since then. In her corporate years as a Global Chief Marketing Officer, she not only led a cross-generational team, but was also successful in targeting this generation in her strategic planning and global marketing with tangible profitable results. Her skills in connecting, relating and targeting the youth culture has made her a trusted advisor and consultant for many organizations. After this keynote, audience will walk away with: ​*Unique characteristics of Millennials and what they mean to your organization *How to bridge the cultural and generational gap *How to manage and lead millennials *How to target them in your strategic planning If you're ready to face and solve generational issues and challenges in your workforce, and profit from this largest global generation, Farnaz is your guide. Format: ​45-60 minute keynote This program is perfect for: ​General audience Senior management Teams struggling with generation issues managers of millennials

Farnaz Wallace — Motivational Speaker

Farnaz Wallace

Farnaz will help you succeed in The New World Marketplace

Farnaz will spark awareness of rapid cultural and demographic shifts impacting your business, consumers & workforce, and show you how to lead, grow and profit in a fast changing New World Marketplace.

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