Don't Get a Job, Be an Entrepreneur!

Don't Get a Job, Be an Entrepreneur!

For college students or new professionals

Do you want to be an Entrepreneur but don't know how to bring your business idea to life? While Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is just one example of a millennial uber-entrepreneur, this generation is saddled with large student debt that forces many aspiring college entrepreneurs away from nurturing their great business ideas. It also has been increasingly difficult for this generation to access business capital with that debt on the books. The percentage of new entrepreneurs (ages 20 - 34) was 34.8% in 1996, and that number has dropped to 22.7% in 2013. The good news? There is no shortage of millennial ideas, and many college students are working side businesses like freelance work or running a small business while also going to school. Based on real world experiences in building three successful entrepreneurial companies, we'll show students how to leverage their collegiate experiences and share best practices in bringing new business ideas from our students to the market. Learning Objectives. By the end of the presentation, participants will be able to: 1. Evaluate your skills. 2. Develop ideas for your own business. 3. Identify what you can do while in college to be a better entrepreneur. 4. List steps needed to start your own business. 5. Explore funding sources. 6. Collect tips for entrepreneurial success. 7. Identify when it’s time to move on.

Mike Ayalon — Motivational Speaker

Mike Ayalon

Passionate about safety and growth of college communities

Mike is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and seasoned executive with a passion for Greek Life. He confronts the major issues facing our Universities like Hazing, Sexual Assault, and Alcohol/Drug Abuse, as well as opportunities for campus growth.

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