Rewriting History: How to Become an Agent for Change

Rewriting History: How to Become an Agent for Change

It's never too late to be a cause for good.

IIn this internationally acclaimed presentation, Barry speaks to leaders as well as those who need motivation to step into leadership in our ever changing world. In Rewriting History, Barry tells the story of how a teacher, three high school students, and a dynamic newspaperman bringing about justice in a 41-year-old hate crime. Barry created and led a diverse group that helped persuade the State of Mississippi to reopen one of the country's most notorious cold cases from the Civil Rights era. Your audiences will leave empowered as they glean insight from the messages Barry shares as he weaves the tale of these unlikely sleuths. It's an empowering message of everyday American citizens lobbying Congress, uncovering new evidence and witnesses, rallying public support, and changing history. In telling the fascinating story of the Mississippi Burning murders and the eventual resolution of the case, Barry presents a stirring message that will leave each listener seeing themselves as a powerful agent of change. Following this presentation, audiences will have: • a greater understanding of their personal power to become an agent of change in the world. • the ability to follow their convictions, and to create pathways to achieving justice. • the capacity to make a difference in the course of pursuing civil liberties and equality.

Barry Bradford — Motivational Speaker

Barry Bradford

Each of us has power to make history and to change history.

Barry Bradford is a Presidential Award winning storyteller & an internationally acclaimed crusader for justice. He is a force for change whose record of success includes being named National Teacher Of The Year, bestselling author & standup comic.

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