They're Managers - Now What?

They're Managers - Now What?

How to develop blue-collar managers and supervisors.

How Are You Preparing Your Managers for Success? Moving out of labor and into management involves a change–from working with tools and objects to working with people and data. The change involves far more than just a shift in the tools they use. Management and supervision is their new craft or trade and needs to be treated as such. But preparation, support, and development as a manager are different than for when they were in the trades. With some essential understanding, training, coaching, and mentoring, they can reach levels of efficiency and productivity far higher than one could ever anticipate. “They’re Managers - Now What?” is designed to help business owners, executives, and managers at all levels better understand how to prepare, develop and support their blue-collar managers and supervisors.

Blue Collar University — Motivational Speaker

Blue Collar University

A different kind of toolbox for a different kind of manager!

As the founder of Blue Collar University and author of the book "They're Managers - Now What?" Bart understands the issues that blue collar managers and supervisors and THEIR managers face. From front line to bottom line, he has the tools!

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