It is our differences that make us strong

It is our differences that make us strong

This program is focused on acceptance of cultural diversity

This proposed presentation focuses on the fact that it is our differences that make us strong as a nation. This specific presentation focuses on race inequality and its impact on the society, specifically designed for all audience. It emphasizes the fact that ability to accept differences in people and to promote unbiased positive interactions are key ingredients for overall success for students and for all of us as a society. If on a regular basis a child is concerned about having to deal with negative issues/events/incidents because he or she is perceived to be racially ‘different’, it is simply not possible for the child to focus on important academic and social aspects of school life. If a child has to deal with such an unsafe environment on a continuous basis, the longer term negative impact can be devastating.

Sumi Mukherjee — Motivational Speaker

Sumi Mukherjee

Writing and speaking on topics that change lives

Speaker's focus is on a number of current issues such as acceptance of cultural diversity, racial equality, devastating psychological impact of bullying, challenges in prevention of child sexual abuse, workplace bullying, emphasis on prevention

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