Mastering the Art of Customer Service

Mastering the Art of Customer Service

Psychological Art Form

What type of image do you or your business project at first glance? This is an effective, dynamic and thought provoking workshop that is sure to change the culture of any business/organization from the "outside-in". You and your staff will learn customer service from a new and different perspective that will change the environment, atmosphere and culture to where your customers/audience will either maintain or develop an appetite for your service/product that will offer loyalty, longevity and satisfaction. This will ultimately result in sustaining and improving your bottom-line. This workshop breaks down the structure of customer service as follows: Management: Setting the right tone Staff: Buy-in and follow through Service: What you have to offer Customer: Relationship with your audience Areas covered: Psychological behaviors that develop and enhance or decay and destroy business relationships. Convenience vs. Satisfaction How to avoid or de-escalate conflict immediately. How to train the customer into being a good customer. Management and Staff Buy-in. Maintaining complete control. Counting the cost. Is the customer always right?

Shannon Ayers-Life Building Specialist — Motivational Speaker

Shannon Ayers-Life Building Specialist

Helping People and Businesses Reach Their STAR Potential!!!

Life building inspiration and empowerment to develop and hone actionable life changing skills to propel one forward in their spiritual, professional and personal endeavors! Signature workshop - The Psychology of selling You!!

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