Customer Service Excellence. Fundamentals from the Mouse...

Customer Service Excellence. Fundamentals from the Mouse...

Learn how to WOW your customers.

Great Customer Service is a stated goal for most service organizations - but few live up to this goal. Why? Simple - saying it is easy. Doing it well is very difficult. Having spent time at Walt Disney World I will share with your team firsthand the fundamental principles that Disney teaches. I will show you what great Disney guest service looks, sounds and feels like. My interactive presentation will get your team engaged in the conversation on how to improve your customers experience. Are your customers - Fans? Why not? Hear how to turn your customers into true fans of your business. Have your team become FUNGO Certified.

Team FUNGO — Motivational Speaker


Teaching Leaders and Teams to Be Better.

Team FUNGO focuses on these key areas . • Leadership Development • Building or enhancing High Performance Work Teams • Assisting Brands Achieve System Excellence • Delivering an Exceptional Guest Experience

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