Innovating Service

Innovating Service

6-Step Formula to Transform Employees into Evangelists of Superior Service and Innovation

Service is a promise that cannot be seen, touched, smelled or tasted through any of our external senses. BUT, it is felt through the service your employees provide. Service companies sell a promise that is fulfilled through everyday actions of their employees. Do your employees want to serve your customer? Do your employees feel part of the success of the organization? Do they actively help you make your services better? In today’s fast changing and socially connected world, Service is the key to success. In keynote, I will show how you can engage employees in an idea hunt to constantly improve your services and create a culture of innovation where employees feel valued and integral part of the success of the company. Additional Topic Ideas: 1. Innovator's Mindset 2. Future of Leadership 3. The Bright Idea Box 4. Internet of Things — The Next Big Wave of Business Opportunities 5. Employee Engagement and Innovation 6. Four Leadership Secrets to Bring out the Best in Others

Jag Randhawa — Motivational Speaker

Jag Randhawa

Culture of Innovation Expert

Jag inspires the audience with real-life experiences and stories of building high performance teams and creating a culture of innovation. Keynote Topics: Innovation, Employee Engagement,Technology, Leadership, and Creativity.

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