Round Table Conflict Resolution

Round Table Conflict Resolution

Solving Conflict Positively!

This course will answer these simple questions and so much more!!! Give it a try... 1. Are there ever times where conflict should be ignored? a. Yes b. No 2. When initially dealing with conflict make the effort to always stay in touch with your _____ and ________. a. Friends, family b. Hobbies, outlets c. Needs, wants d. Boss, colleagues 3. Once a conflict emerges, it moves to the second phase, ______ and ________. a. Wait, See b. Run, Hide c. Stop, grow d. Hostility, Fear 4. Nothing positive results from the conflict. a. True b. False 5. Where can you hide conflict? Choose the best answer. a. in your shoulders with tightness b. in your teeth with grinding c. in your hands by biting your nails d. All the above Learn not only how to best answer these few questions, but skills and techniques to resolve, and /or negotiate on different levels.

Susanna Theo — Motivational Speaker

Susanna Theo

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