Communication Training

Communication Training

3-Day Speaker Boot Camp

Strategic Leadership is based on our ability to influence others. John Maxwell said, "Leadership is nothing less than Pure influence." Our ability to influence others is proportional to our ability to communicate effectively. This 3-day communication training is focused on creating that kind of leadership influence. The three specific goals for the overall program are: - BUILD TRUST - BUILD RELATIONSHIP and - BUILD ENGAGEMENT With these goals we develop skill sets in delivery, content structure and Interaction skills (visuals and Q&A). Modules are principle-based for learning and repeatability! The results are greater confidence, greater impact and greater influence - GUARANTEED BEHAVIOR CHANGE - SKILL DEVELOPMENT FOCUSED- 40% Knowledge transfer/60% skill development - LIFETIME COACHING - Via the phone and Web at no charge - WE LEARN YOUR COMPANY CULTURE AND LANGUAGE - Adapt to the specific language, culture and map communication skills to any sales methodology. Our commitment is to meeting your goals, creating your desired outcomes and developing each participant to their full potential!

Bart Queen — Motivational Speaker

Bart Queen


“Turning the Art of Communication into the Science of Remarkable Results.” Helping others master their ability to speak clearly and with greater impact to find their voice and share their gift no matter what it is.

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