The Art & Science of Effective Communication

The Art & Science of Effective Communication

The power tool of success!

Target Audience: MLM's, Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Senior Management, Full Organizations, Professional Services, Sales Teams Format: 45 - 60 minute keynote (also available as a longer length program or complementary break-out) Communication plays a vital role in every aspect of business and life. The cost of poor communication can be devastating... lost customers, reduced employee performance and failed relationships. So, whether communicating to colleagues, customers or loved ones, you better make it count. It's time to close the communication gap, and this super fun, stimulating and interactive program will help your people do just that. Michael clearly communicates to your audience how to clearly communicate. Time-tested communication tips, tricks and techniques will be reveled on how to be understood more and misunderstand less. Have your team become communicating ninjas. Compelling and laugh out loud stories will touch the hearts and move the minds of your people as they become more effective communicators, and as a result, better leaders, employees, parents, spouses and friends. Hear this keynote and you'll never hear (or be heard) the same way again! Your audience will learn: - The 3 keys to effective communication - The one question to ask to make sure your 100% understood - How, when & why to use the different communication mediums (phone, skype, email, text, in-person) - The one, most important trait of all master communicators - How to fix communication blunders and limit collateral damage

Michael Altshuler — Motivational Speaker

Michael Altshuler

The Drive for BETTER.

High octane, sales and peak performance mindset expert who delivers transformational keynotes that drive results. Rich Content, Engaging and always Entertaining. Of American Gladiators fame.

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