Making the Most of Your College Experience

Making the Most of Your College Experience

how to dig in and succeed

It is the biggest growth, learning opportunity you will ever have. Knowing your expectations you desire from college. What can you gain from the people you meet? What would you do for a college friend? (Became a kidney donor). Bullying (Cyber or up close and personal). Taking care of each other. By-Stander Behavior. College women using alcohol to fit in and be comfortable without understanding the consequences.Gaining self confidence and understanding you personal values and how to live up to them. Always need to believe in yourself, your worth and the importance of consent and respecting others and showing what you are made of.

College Mom — Motivational Speaker

College Mom

When the puzzle pieces fit, your life is INSync

I'm a leading authority on College Life having served as a mentor and advisor for over 30 years. I help college women conquer overwhelm.

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