What if... Change was like Racing?

What if... Change was like Racing?

in Racing, No Barriers are Acceptable... How Fast Could You Change with a Racing Mindset?

You have been taught to believe that organizational change takes a long time... that you have to accept "the way things are here" as normal and expect to have to work around certain people or groups to do the best you can to achieve the company' goals for change. What if you could set new standards for what you will accept? The good news is.... YOU CAN! it's all about your perspective... you can change your perspective and change your performance. Believe it or not, it's really that simple! once you see things a different way, you NEVER GO BACK to your old way of thinking! Executives and management teams CANNOT AFFORD to miss this one-of-a-kind training! Keynote or Workshop: - Analogies about breaking free of barriers in business, new strategies for change, new mindsets required for optimization, and new perspectives about what is possible to achieve & change are all included at some level of detail. - Companies accept slow change as a normal part of the change process. NOT TRUE! Fast change is as easy as "clearing a racetrack" of traffic cones and tree limbs. - Stories and case studies about barriers to change deliver "breakthrough perspectives" about management's role in change and what is possible to change and achieve. Workshops include exercises. As an expert in culture change and culture losses, I am happy to customize a keynote, workshop or breakout session for your audience. Content can be linked to specific conference or event themes and goals for change.

Kay Sever, Your Loss Reduction Expert — Motivational Speaker

Kay Sever, Your Loss Reduction Expert

if you knew your LOSSES, how much MORE MONEY could you make?

Kay Sever has helped companies find >$140,000,000 of hidden losses, correctly place >$80,000,000 of expansion capital, and stop millions in hidden losses caused by weak organizations/corporate cultures. Losses must be zero to truly maximize profit!

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