DON'T BECOME EXTINCT! Join the Sales & Marketing Evolution

DON'T BECOME EXTINCT! Join the Sales & Marketing Evolution

Innovative Moves to Make NOW to Stay Relevant Later

Consumers all over the world are evolving and changing, and are particularly different than they were just a few years ago. Following the recession, both B2B and B2C customers changed how they behave, how they prefer you to connect with them, and how they make their buying decisions. The days of cold calling are over, email is ignored, marketing is rapidly evolving, and traditional advertising is obsolete. What's a business supposed to do to stay relevant and gain new customers? Join Shawna as she shares research from her best-selling book, highlights the latest trends and disruptions, and gives a sneak peek on what's coming next. She'll then reveal how it all can impact your industry so you can prepare rather than react. ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS: > This session will position you better for the immediate future, as well as prepare you for coming shifts. > You'll learn new ways to use old tools that will save you lots of time and frustration. > Discover actionable strategies that will help you prospect better, sell easier, get more referrals, and ultimately drive more revenue in 2019 and beyond. > Learn from Shawna's latest consumer research what types of marketing actually work today to get their attention, build credibility, and establish trust (it's not what you think!). > Discover the six things that will keep you relevant well into the future (when 80% of traditional salespeople will go extinct!)

Shawna Suckow — Motivational Speaker

Shawna Suckow

Shawna Suckow is a refreshingly unique presenter who shares new insights into the world of consumer behavior.

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