Making People Matter

Making People Matter

How Great Organizations Get the Important Stuff Right

IDEAL AUDIENCE: General Business Audience, particularly HR Professionals, Managers/Leaders, Executives, and sales professionals. AVAILABLE FORMATS: Keynote, Breakout DESCRIPTION: It isn't enough to say "people matter" at the annual meeting. It isn't enough that your mission statement contains the phrase "putting people first." If you're only paying lip-service, then research shows that you're going to pay the piper. Here's the real bottom line in business: Do people in your organization FEEL like they matter? When employees feel like they matter, there is lower turnover, less negativity and in-fighting, less group-think, higher productivity, more creativity and innovation, and stronger morale. When CLIENTS and CUSTOMERS feel like they matter, there is higher customer satisfaction, lasting loyalty, and deeper engagement. Clearly, people are a priority. "Making People Matter" is an engaging and entertaining program that will give everyone at every level not only the refreshing motivation to "make people matter," but also actionable takeaways to measurably boost the energy and effectiveness of any team. NOTABLE QUOTES: "If this is going to be an organization that makes people feel like they matter, then we have to be individuals who make people feel like they matter." "It isn't enough to make people matter. We must make people FEEL like they matter." FEEDBACK: “Tim was one of the best speakers we have ever had!!! He was engaging, humorous, and insightful. We are going to have Tim back to do a half-day program, and I will be recommending him to as many corporations and HR professionals as I can -- he is someone that everyone needs to meet!!!” — Julie Moore, Program Chair, Greater Merrimack Valley Human Resources Association

Tim David — Motivational Speaker

Tim David

Highly Entertaining, High-Content Presentations

Human connection skills are becoming extinct in our digital world. Unfortunately, they are what matter MOST in business (and in life). Tim David's high-energy, high-content programs can help you become "good at people" in a practical way

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