Anchoring Your Clients To You - How To Be The Company Of Choice

Anchoring Your Clients To You - How To Be The Company Of Choice

Above and Beyond the Competition

If your competition had the same product, same knowledge and same price, why should the client or customer work with you? This presentation addresses questions like: What makes you a better choice than your competition? What do you want your company to be known for? What is your current client experience? What do you do to go above and beyond? This presentation will discuss how to make you stand out among the competition in a positive way. Specific take-aways that can be implemented immediately will be discussed. The audience will leave with a feeling of empowerment and excitement about what their business can be and get them started to make it happen. This presentation is appropriate for small to mid-size businesses of most any industry and can be customized to meet the needs of your audience and event.

Nancy Butler — Motivational Speaker

Nancy Butler

A motivational and educational speaker, Nancy is a highly acclaimed and upbeat presenter specializing in working with small-to-mid-sized businesses, our aging population and high school students. She provides take-aways you can implement immediately.

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