Next Level Sales & Customer Service!

Next Level Sales & Customer Service!

Competing and winning in the year ahead with proven strategies to improve sales and customer service strategies to turn customers into raving fans!

Next Level Sales and Customer Service! is a high energy, fun, inspiring, entertaining, and empowering workshop based on the highly successful VOWELS concept created by national speaker, international author, sales/leadership/management trainer, Brad Raney. The VOWELS are seven habitual characteristics that are the key to unlocking incredible success in almost any area of life (Attitude, Energy, Effort, Integrity, Intensity, Outlook and Uniqueness). In this session, Brad will show attendees how to make the most out of their careers and lives, create more dynamic engagement with team members and clients, improve and grow in their leadership and sales skills, exceed their own expectations, create effective strategies to deal with stress and generational differences, communicate more clearly and concisely with co-workers and clients, maintain a positive work/life balance, enhance their prospecting and networking skill set, and live with more passion every day by mastering and implementing the VOWELS traits into their daily work lives. Sales 2.0 is a comprehensive and interactive full day (7 hour) workshop filled with information and action items that can be put into practical use by attendees almost immediately after the session. The topics can be utilized in a 2 hour or 4 hour version as well - we can focus on specific topics to custom craft a mini-workshop for your specific needs. Here are some of the topics that could be covered in the mini-workshop: • 18 Steps of the Sale – the sales process broken down into easy to remember and follow procedures and triggers • Prospecting with New Eyes – effectively targeting and refining the sales funnel to lead to maximum results • VBRs and Getting the Appointment – the strategies of using Valid Business Reasons to get past the gate keepers and to book more qualified appointments • Are They Hearing What You Said – or Something Completely Different?! – enhanced and effective listening skills and tactics – has a couple of hilarious interactive elements • COMMIT – The Ultimate CNA – using an acronym for the word COMMIT, attendees are shown the easiest and most effective CNA model they have ever encountered • Creating and Keeping Great Goals – a unique take on goal setting and increased goal achievement • Advanced Time Management Strategies – time management is a myth but there are practical strategies that can be used to harness the time you have including The Golden Selling Hours, Avoiding Time Wasters, Prioritizing Viciously, and more • Personal Branding – leaving the RIGHT impression in every prospect or client’s mind • Professional Stalking – networking effectively in any gathering and following up in a professional manner afterwards • The VOWELS – 7 habitual characteristics that start with A,E,I,O&U – Attitude, Energy, Effort, Integrity, Intensity, Outlook and Uniqueness – these are the key to unlocking unlimited personal and professional growth • Dealing with Mountain Goats – overcoming challenges as you climb your personal mountain

Brad Raney — Motivational Speaker

Brad Raney

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Passionate Presenter, Creative Communicator! International Speaker & Author, Sales/Leadership/Management Authority and Trainer

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